Read This if You Are Pregnant. Seriously.

Read This if You are Pregnant. Seriously. 

As a BIG believer in self-educating, I was blessed to not only have my field to rely on for updated and informative material relating to babies, breastfeeding, pregnancy, labor, etc., but a whole tribe of like-minded women who passed on some wonderful reads that were worth their weight in gold when I was pregnant.

It is incredibly important to take the time to educate yourself on these topics, whether you're pregnant with your first baby or are an experienced mother. Its easy to say that this is "the most natural thing" a woman experiences, but in a world of immediate gratification, unlimited access to information (good and bad), and money in the wrong places, many mothers find themselves overwhelmed and SHOCKED at what you REALLY should expect when "expecting."

Here is my list to you, in hopes you find, not only GOOD information, but EMPOWERING and ENLIGHTENING facts to guide you through your motherhood journey:
Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth, by Ina May Gaskin, midwife

Hypnobirthing, The Mongan Method, Mari F Morgan

Jack Newman’s Guide to Breastfeeding, by Dr. Jack Newman

Breastfeeding Made Simple- Seven Natural Laws for Nursing Mothers, by Nancy Mohrbacher, IBCLC, FILCA and Kathleen Kendall-Tackett, PhD, IBCLC, featuring Dr. Jack Newman 

By Guest Blogger and FreeSpirit Birth Lactation Specialist:

Ashley Georgakopoulos, IBCLC ~ Genesis Lactation