Decrease Back Pain in Pregnancy in 10 Minutes a Day!

It’s an all too familiar complaint of pregnancy: back pain…or hip…or suprapubic pain. And though is happens all the time, it is not normal. Let me say that again, pelvic pain in pregnancy is not normal; it is absolutely a sign of weakened muscles, softer ligaments and/or imbalance in the pelvis. And it really only takes a little bit of education and mindfulness as well as a willingness to make a difference in posture, to get to a more comfortable place in your pregnant body!

I provide my clients a tip sheet for each trimester with the appropriate stretches and “exercises” for each trimester. We also take a look at their individual lifestyles and habits and make a plan for what needs to be done specifically for each of them. And until the very end of pregnancy it only takes about 10 minutes per day to make a difference and achieve comfort. The sidebar to alleviating back pain in pregnancy is that, in most instances, when you correct the culprit creating pelvic pain, you also prepare the pelvis for the best position for labor and birth – thereby influencing the course of labor to perhaps be a smooth as possible for your body and baby!

Let’s quickly ID some of the indicators women feel when there’s an issue with balance in the pelvis: low back ache beyond what you’d expect from added weight, burning sensation on the front, low side of the abdomen, ache in the middle of the pubic bone, hip ache/pain – typically only one side or the other, a twinge on the low front of the abdomen when your provider palpates your belly and there may be more.

To be sure, we could go on all day about how to address these issues and if you’re really having problems please schedule an in person or virtual consult with me! Today I’m going to give you three things to do in about 10 minutes that will change the way you feel!

  1. The psoas is a large muscle that extends across the very part of the body where these complaints lie. It’s a very safe assumption that nearly everyone’s is tight more or less due to lifestyle; as a result, we must lengthen and loosen the psoas.You can find an excellent example here of how to lengthen that psoas rather easily. 
  2. So you’ve begun to stretch the psoas, you do nice big hip circles both directions on a properly inflated birth ball, you walk daily…the next recommendation answers the question: well what do I do for comfort until all of that settles in nicely? A maternity support belt will help to support some of the ligaments that are softening (as they should) in pregnancy. Worn right under your clothing, you will notice that this belt feels like it gentle squeezes everything back together!
  3. And finally, the last tip for today takes longer than 10 minutes but is literally done in your sleep! Maybe your sleep has even been suffering as a result of back and pelvic pain. We are lateral, in bed for – hopefully – 6-9 hours per night which means that becoming cognizant of your sleep posture is imperative! In short, just remember: align, align, align.  The ear, shoulder, hip and ankle should all remain somewhat in alignment and supported. It truly takes about six pillows to properly align the body…skip all that nonsense and go straight to a body pillow – you will never regret this investment!
  4. So there you have it! A few moments of investing some awareness in posture could save you a lot of hard work down the road! If you’re in the Knoxville area, Chapter 4 of my series, 7 Chapters for Birth, at Glowing Body Yoga Studio is available and goes into more detail about opening the body for birth and the online class is soon to come!