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FreeSpirit Birth Doula and Lactation Agency is a collection of Knoxville's most skilled professionals from fertility to feeding and everything in between. We have been providing comprehensive care, support and compassion for women and their families in and around Knoxville since 1998.

We offer the community a free doula mixer for the whole family every third Saturday of the month at Bearden Beer Market from 3-5pm. Meet and greet and listen to the topic at hand!

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FreeSpirit Birth Doulas

Adoption, Fertility, Pregnancy, Labor, Birth, Postpartum

Who do we support?

Unmedicated Birth · Epidurals · Inductions · Medicated Vaginal Birth · TOLAC · VBAC · VBA#C · Unplanned & Planned Cesarean Birth · Advanced Maternal Age · Adoption · Multiples · First Time Parents · Experienced Parents · Breastfeeding · Bottle Feeding · Sleep Solutions · Newborn & Infant Care · & more

Recent additions: Fertility doula, Adoption doula and Babysitter for Birth!