And now a word from a few of Our clients...

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Sarah, Colin & Zephyr

We’re coming up on my baby’s first birthday and I’m remembering her birth with love and gratitude. She was my first pregnancy and I wasn’t convinced I needed a doula at first. After a few curveballs I began to feel really unsteady about the whole idea of giving birth, especially in a hospital. I have a lot of anxiety around medical things.

Deciding to hire Barb was the best decision and I’m sure it was a major part in having the birth I wanted. I can’t recommend her enough! She was a solid, calm presence and support during pregnancy and during the birth. Since it was my first, it was so helpful to have a seasoned veteran to tell me what was normal and help me make decisions about my birth. In the end my daughter’s birth was exactly what I hoped for, but I also felt fully prepared in case it wasn’t. I can’t put a price on that peace of mind. Thank you Barb!

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Brittany & Whitfield

My wife Brittany and I found out in May of 2017 that we were pregnant with our second child. We had a daughter who had just turned 3 and her birth was with an epidural and Pitocin. Brittany knew for this birth she wanted to go the natural route with no drugs and a doula to coach. The 2 births could not have been more different. We took classes from Barb and she was our doula. We could not have asked for a better person or one with more knowledge in the arena of child bearing. As I told her the next day, she was worth more than twice her weight in gold. After being at the hospital for 7 hours trying to induce via breast pump and walking 5 miles around our floor, we decided it was time to call Barb to come on up. She had been with us all day via phone/text, just waiting for us to give her the go ahead to come to the hospital. Once she arrived with her basket of goodies and plethora of knowledge things got moving right along. Another 2-3 hours and Brittany was pushing and Tripp was born. Had she not been there giving us comfort and coaching, I am not sure how the night would have gone. She made our birthing experience so much better and we can't thank her enough for everything she did for us! I would encourage anyone considering getting a doula t do so. I can assure you if we were to have another child, Barb would be our first phone call! Thanks again!

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Meg & Brent

Barb carried both me and my husband through pregnancy and labor. She is a fount of knowledge and helped empower me in choosing the birth plan that was right for me. Barb was quick to answer any question (even the zany ones) we had leading up to labor and was our rock on the big day. She is direct but warm. I will never birth without Barb. ❤️

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Stephanie & Michael

I honestly do not feel like I chose Barb to be my doula, I feel like she was just always meant to be there with my husband and me during our birth. I spent several weeks looking at every doula in the area and something about Barb spoke to me. She was the only doula I met with in person and I knew the minute we left our first meeting with her that we would be starting a very special relationship. After just one meeting we could tell that she was passionate in her beliefs and desires to help women experience child birth the way we were intended. We hadn't even committed to classes or a birth package and she began to freely give advice on ways to prep during pregnancy to have the best shot at the natural birth we desired. We took one class with her and immediately knew we wanted her with us on our big day. She not only made me feel strong and empowered, she was able to involve my husband in my pregnancy and birth in a way that I feel isn't very typical. She gave us all of the tools we needed to help us both feel confident, knowledgable, and capable of speaking up and having the birth experience we wanted.


Erica & William

When I found out I was pregnant, I knew I wanted a completely different birth experience the second time around. Following the delivery of my first child, I was left with a lot of questions and feelings of guilt that I had somehow failed my baby. Barbara entering my life was nothing short of serendipity. Not only did she help me with pregnancy related questions, but she provided me with support and the ability to let go of the guilt I felt surrounding my first birth experience. She also gave me with the necessary tools to expedite a speedy labor. Thank goodness for that, because labor came on fast and hard! Thanks to Barb, I was able to stay calm when things didn’t begin as I thought they would. The result was a beautiful birth of my second daughter. An un-medicated birth may not be for everyone, but Barb does SO much more than assist with that aspect of bringing a human being into the world. She has, quite literally, changed my life. Not only did she allow me to have a healing experience in labor and delivery, but she helped me heal before I even went into labor and in ways that I didn’t even know still needed attention. Her ability to ask thoughtful questions and truly help you make your own, educated decisions is unparalleled. I'm so thankful that I can now not only call Barb my doula, but I can also call her my friend. If another pregnancy is in our future, she will absolutely be a part of it!

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I had the most wonderful birth experience and I am so glad that Barb was a part of my story! I am so grateful for her and her mindful and incredibly peaceful presence! Barb helped me prepare in a short amount of time for a natural birth - mentally, spiritually and physically! Barb is so intentional with her words and will never tell you how you should feel or what you should think about birth — and that made me feel safe, secure, and confident! I am so glad we got to work together and that I chose her to be a part of my birth story because the network of people that she surrounds herself with is just as amazing as she is and I’m so grateful! I even made some wonderful friends through Barb’s class! Every mom could have this kind of support!!! Thank you, Barb!


Alsion & Taylor

I chose you as my doula was because you embody everything that I was looking for in my birthing experience. My first labor and delivery was not what I had in mind. I wanted a natural delivery and that’s not what I ended up with. My son was born beautiful and healthy, but the actual labor and delivery felt lacking. When I found out I was pregnant with my second son, I didn’t waste any time in researching doulas because I knew that I needed someone to be in my corner in order to achieve what I had envisioned. After reading your reviews, I was intrigued. After the first conversation with you, I knew. Throughout the entire pregnancy, you were willing to answer all of my silly questions and never once left me feeling judged or misguided. When I was feeling overwhelmed, you eased my fears. But the real shining moments for me were in the delivery room. My husband called you “a powerhouse,” and that’s exactly what you are! You came in and immediately brought a calming clarity to us both and went to work in the most subtle, yet powerful way. If doulas were super heroes, you’re the Queen of them all


Chelsea & Zack

"There is no way to adequately reflect through words the impact of having Barb in our lives during our first pregnancy. Her years of experience and education speak for themselves, but what you cannot find on paper is her incredible insight and gorgeous character.

Through both Barb's birth class series and one-on-one time as a private Doula she helped us realize the beauty of birth and how we wanted our journey to go. She was available to us every step of the way, and supported us through pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. She was our greatest advocate, resource, and confidant as we experienced bringing life into the world. I continue to reflect on what Barb taught me as we navigate this life of parenthood. She is so much more than a birth Doula. I am excited for your experience her and everything she has to offer."


Emily & Tim...

"Knoxville has no clue how lucky we are to have a doula like Barb. Barb's combination of experience, education, perspective and insight is extremely rare and not to be bypassed. Her child birth classes are also amazing and provided a wealth of valuable information even for our second birth. I would recommend Barb and her classes to everyone!"


Monica & Matt

Barbara Steppe has forever impacted and changed my life. Something I always said was, “If I could just find a rockstar doula for birth I know I will be good.” The moment we met Barb I knew I was home. Rockstar was an understatement. I felt understood by her and deeply connected.


Meagan & Trevor

Does she deliver on all the criteria in the definition of a doula? Yes, but she’s not just a doula. Doula’ing is the medium by which she infuses her love and light into the world. I am so grateful that I had the divine privilege of experiencing her during pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum.


Brooke & Jonathan

I knew the moment I found out I was pregnant I wanted to experience a natural child birth. Barb was my absolute saving grace during labor and delivery. I can 100% say with confidence, that I would not have gotten the birth that I wanted had she not been there with us. It was hard, it was painful, but she was a voice of comfort that everything was normal! I will forever be indebted for her awesome support!!!



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