Flo, Whitney, Barb, Martha, Heather

Flo, Whitney, Barb, Martha, Heather


Doula Services

Holistic and comprehensive doula services like none other! When we work together you'll receive: two individualized prenatal visits, digital trimester tip sheets and a bonus fourth for the Final Stretch, optimal fetal positioning and a rebozo tutorial for the smoothest labor possible, labor support and a postpartum visit. A big bonus: each of our clients receives a carefully crafted herbal postpartum sachet for a healing bath. Of course, unlimited contact and resource referral to local bodyworkers, social media accounts and pregnancy resources are included. We've now partnered with Pretty Pushers gowns to provide a 20% off coupon to every client, as well. To our delight, we include a private, in home visit with our IBCLCs (lactation specialists) to prepare for nursing! $1100 investment


7 Chapters for Birth

Independent childbirth prep classes are totally the way to go! No bias, judgment or pressure to birth a particular way. In six weeks you'll receive comprehensive body, mind and soul preparation at The Glowing Body Yoga Studio. The 7th chapter is for after the baby comes and affords you the opportunity to process your birth story! $20/chapter; $140/series



Placenta Encapsulation

I utilize the Traditional Chinese Medicine Method which includes an herbal steam for the placenta prior to dehydration and encapsulation. Pick up and delivery, typically a 24 hour turnaround, 6 weeks worth of capsules and a back up plan should your placenta not be available for $200.


Birth Story 

Sometimes birth doesn't go exactly as prepared or hoped for and some processing is necessary. These private sessions offer you the medicine women in our culture often need to make sense of the story they're telling themselves. Skip the social media and get down to the real healing. $60/hr


Lactation Services


The Online Doula

Two IBCLCs are available for all your breastfeeding needs from group class, private class, in home consults and more. Going back to work and need some help preparing to pump and store milk? We've got you covered! One private, prenatal visit is included in our doula fee!


Virtual services are available to those of you who've birthed before perhaps and just want a little extra support - virtually. All the same tasty ingredients of regular doula services delivered virtually! Or maybe you live across the country and we haven't yet discussed flying out! ;) $500 investment


Pregnancy products for parents and doulas at...

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