Pregnancy Concierge

"From the moment you find out you’re expecting to the moment your baby is placed in your arms, pregnancy is an extraordinary journey. Every kick, every hiccup, every milestone is a cause for celebration. Likewise, every test, twinge, and contraction can be a cause for concern—especially when you are expecting your first child. You deserve a team by your side, every day, celebrating with you, explaining every new and exciting stage, providing personal care, comfort and knowledge. You deserve trusted advocates to guide you through all 40 weeks of your maternity and to help you navigate a healthcare system that has depersonalized maternity care and childbirth." 

  ~ Concierge Pregnancy


Our pregnancy concierge services begin at a meer $200. Additional services may always be added from our pregnancy, labor and postpartum menu!

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Personal support

We've all heard of a wedding planner...but what about a baby planner? Your pregnancy concierge takes the worry out of pregnancy! Finally, someone experienced and reliable to turn to with all the questions and concerns that come up quite naturally. Why face concerns like: Which provider is best for me or What pediatrician has the best reputation or How do I get rid of round ligament pain, alone? Your pregnancy concierge services will be tailored specifically to your needs. It's like having a personal assistant for pregnancy - only better!

registry assistance

 A fool and her money are soon goes the quotation! And how many of us have fallen prey to the advertising of products that we don't really need? It happens all the time. When expecting the arrival of a new baby, however, the last thing that need happen is waste. Especially financial waste. Your concierge knows the newest most helpful products and makes it her business to stay informed. No more time wasted browsing registries for what you think you need! Register for items that will not only make your life easier but will transition you into your new life with a baby with greater ease. 



postpartum encouragement

If we are going to be honest here, coming home and being home with a newborn is not always easy. Unfortunately, in our healthcare system women and their families start out their new lives on their own. Family isn't always nearby and even if they are that's not always who a new mother needs or wants...and sooner or later most have to get back to their lives often leaving a new mom bereft. Your pregnancy concierge in effect becomes your postpartum concierge for two weeks after you birth. Again, questions and concerns relative to this time are her expertise and she's but a phone call or text away. Further your postpartum assistance with a postpartum doula