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Doulas and partners work together as a woman's tiny village while she labors...

Doulas and partners work together as a woman's tiny village while she labors...

Doula Services

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At FreeSpirit Birth we believe that a well prepared woman is a woman bound for a glorious birth! Holistic and comprehensive doula services will have you well prepared. With more than 21 years experience as a freestanding birth center nurse and doula and more than 1,500 births - I like to say, "we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two"! During your two prenatal visits you'll learn how specifically we will help you to have the most straight forward, smooth birth experience for you and your baby - from our tricks of the trade to optimal fetal positioning. Whether your intentions are an unmedicated, vaginal birth or a scheduled Cesarean birth, support from FreeSpirit Birth will enrich your experience. 

This service includes: Trimester tip sheets to guide you step by step, two private prenatals, prenatal lactation class with Genesis Lactation, discount code for pretty pusher labor gown, holistic labor support at home and/or hospital, herbal postpartum healing bath and a postpartum visit.

Investment for our doula services is $1,100 (valued in the Knoxville area at $1500). We provide affordable payment plans and recommend you add our gift certificate to your registry so your friends and family can help you afford the most important part of your pregnancy and birth experience! Contact us for information!

There is no way to adequately reflect through words the impact of having Barb in our lives during our first pregnancy. Her years of experience and education speak for themselves, but what you cannot find on paper is her incredible insight and gorgeous character.
— Chelsea & Zack

Though it is not mandatory, we do highly encourage you attend our 7 Chapters for Normal Birth class -KNOXVILLE’S #1 CHILDBIRTH PREPARATION CLASS!…click the button below to learn more.

The Online Doula

Virtual services are available to those of you who've birthed before perhaps and just want a little extra support - virtually. All the same tasty ingredients of regular doula services delivered virtually! Or maybe you live across the country and we haven't yet discussed flying out! ;) $500 investment


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