Meet Barb~

Childbirth Class Mentor, Labor Doula, Placenta Encapsulator, Agency Owner


“I felt lost in a cloud until my doula, Barb, arrived. The minute she walked down the hall she became clearer than anyone else had been since that morning and she somehow stepped into the cloud I was in and we walked through it together to another world, another state of reality and consciousness.” ~Ashley Caudill


That quote embodies why I do what I do. Pregnant women hold the potential for great growth and self awareness during their childbearing year and it is being present and a part of that transition that holds a deep seated happiness for me.

As owner of FreeSpirit Birth Doula Agency, I mentor women into becoming skilled and mindful doulas - the doulas here are hand chosen and mentored one on one. Care is delivered to ensure our doulas are ready not only for normal, smooth deliveries but also for those pregnancies and labors that deserve a bit more attention.

With a background in obstetrical nursing with midwives and 1,100 plus births behind me, I feel certain that you can't go wrong choosing a doula or lactation specialist from FreeSpirit Birth. 



Meet Ashley ~

IBCLC, Lactation Specialist

"Breastfeeding isn't just about milk..."

A Knoxville native, I stayed rooted and graduated from the University of Tennessee as a nutrition major, with a bachelor of science from UT's School of Health & Human Sciences in 2013. I then joined the Knox County Health Department team as a nutrition educator for the Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC). Working one-on-one with numerous families, as well as receiving on-site training, I was proactive in working toward my goal of professing in lactation care and management. I then became certified as lactation counselor in January of 2015, now an IBCLC, and continue education and community involvement. My hope is to be a part of the larger puzzle for helping mothers learn about and achieve their breastfeeding goals for many years to come, so as to start the next generation off the best way possible: nutritionally and sustainably.



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