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Rebozo sifting for comfort and positioning!

Rebozo sifting for comfort and positioning!


It all started when…

I was asked by the Director of Midwifery to come to work at Women's Wellness & Maternity Center in Madisonville, TN. A few short months later I opened my mailbox and there was a mailer for a workshop in Asheville for a Birthing From Within intensive with my soon-to-be mentor, Pam England. 

Birthing From Within changed my life. And you'll hear that from almost anyone who does the work and learns and grows from Pam England. 

All of my offerings: private class, 7 Chapters for Birth, No Bull Birth Basics...they all embrace the notion that it's the Journey and not the Destination that can really make or break a birth experience.

From understanding the hormones of labor to effective pushing with a nice dose of spinning babies in between, whichever you sign up for you'll walk away well prepared, more at ease and more excited about your upcoming birth!

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7 Chapters for Birth
Over the course of three weeks we spend two hours each week (weekends too) diving in and getting down to what it is you really need to know: hormones of labor, optimal fetal positioning, pain coping, effective pushing and more!
Chapters 1&2 - Hormones for Labor and why you must know more! Finding Your Way through the unknown - questions and concerns to cover with your provider to understand the process a bit more.
Chapters 3&4 - Comfort Measures & Pain Coping. Opening for Birth with spinning babies and optimal fetal positioning.
Chapters 5&6 - Taming Your Tiger - addressing common fears and finding calm. Effective Pushing - tips and tricks of the trade for an easier pushing phase.                                                Chapter 7 - After the baby arrives we host for you a Birth Story Fire Circle...come and share your experience or simply lend an ear to those around you. Healing for those who need it and bonding for those who are already holding steady.
Each session is a stand alone class or take all three for complete, comprehensive, holistic preparation from independant Childbirth Educators and Doulas, Barb Steppe and Lauren Chastain! $50/session or $140 for the series. Chapter 7 is free to those who've attended the series. 

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That amazing trick of forgetting everything from two years ago when my son was born led me to seek out ways to (re)educate and (re)mind myself of what pregnancy, labor, and delivery may be like. I was a bit nervous starting the Seven Chapters of Birth Series with Barb, primarily because I am not a first time mom. Thirty seconds into the first "chapter" class, I was comfortable and at ease. Barb has a magical way of connecting with everyone in the room, even when the room is full. The chapters built upon each other from week to week in a logical but powerful way, that allowed me to digest the information Barb shared. Through Barb's teaching, support, and facilitation I was able to understand my body, myself, and this journey of pregnancy and birth! I really enjoyed the sense of community that evolved over the course of the series and believe I will hold those connections close throughout the rest of my pregnancy and into labor and birth. Barb is, of course, knowledgeable, but she is also patient, understanding, and thoughtful. There was such a range of experience, background, and beliefs/mindsets represented in the series. I was blown away that Barb was able to personalize each hour long class as well as create a cohesive time and space for everyone to learn! My partner attended a few of the "chapters" with me and he was also able to take away valuable information and knowledge we use daily and plan to use during labor and delivery. I am so glad I had the opportunity to learn from Barb and would encourage anyone and everyone whether this is your first or your 17th pregnancy to take advantage of her offerings! Thank you, Barb, for your validation of our concerns, fears, reflections on the birth of our first child, and empowering us as we prepare for the arrival of our second babe! ~Nora V.

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